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A fun way to discover new looks and makeup products


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Note: Your privacy is important to us. We will never post anything to Facebook without your permission.

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Help and FAQ

How do I sign up?

MakeupBee is an open community. Anyone can join and create an account, follow other members and like or comment on looks! To become a member, sign up here.

How do I use Makeupbee?

  1. Use the site to connect with other makeup lovers, beauty bloggers and Youtubers. You can promote your blog, youtube channel and your artistry to an audience of makeup lovers here on Makeupbee.
  2. For each look you upload, you can attach a Youtube video to it, when your videos are viewed on Makeupbee, your view counts also go up on your YouTube channel.
  3. Try to post looks often and post only a few at one time, rather than posting all of your look all at once, that way your looks are continuously be in the NEW feed for others to see.
  4. Just here to look around? Follow some users, comment on your favorite looks and don't be shy, do ask questions

How to get more "LIKES" on your looks:

  1. Tag them with look types, i.e smokey, natural. This will help other users find your looks when browsing under categories
  2. Tag them with Key products, also helps other users find your looks when browsing products.
  3. Share your looks by Facebook and Twitter connecting to Makeupbee
  4. Comment on looks by other Makeupbees and their profiles, follow their profiles.
  5. Try out some of the looks by other users that inspire you, post them back to the community crediting the creator of the look

How to gain more followers on Makeupbee and Your blog:

  1. Create beautiful makeup looks
  2. Make sure you post a good photo of your look, even if the makeup is well done but the image doesn’t show it, it is difficult for others to see. See our tips on how to take good photos
  3. Give your look a easy to remember title, this will be easier for others to search your look when using the search bar on top of the page.
  4. Attach your blog tutorial to the look and your Youtube video tutorial if you’ve created one
  5. Don’t be shy and comment & like looks by other users
  6. Follow and compliment other users if you like their work

How to take good photos of your makeup look.

If you’re taking your own picture for make up, here are some tips:

  1. Natural lighting in front of a window with a slight overcast is best

How do I post a review on a product?

  1. Use the SEARCH feature on top of the page to find the product you would like to review by typing out the key words of the product.
  2. If the product is in our database, this will bring you a Product page.
  3. Click "Write a review" button and share your thoughts.
  4. Share your review on Facebook and Twitter by connecting your Makeupbee account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What if I can’t find the Brand I’m looking for?

While posting a look if you can’t find a Brand you are looking for under our Brand list, click the "Can’t find Brand?" link and then input the name of the Brand you want to suggest and we will review it and get back to you shortly.

What is a "look?"

A "look" is a user-submitted photograph along with information about the look such as the title, description, tags and information needed to get the look. The information to get the look includes the list of products used and where they were used, a youtube video if the user has provided one along with links to the users blog or website where you can find more information.

Who can Post a Look and/or Product Review?

Any registered user can post a look and review products on our site.

How do I post a look?

  1. Click the "POST A LOOK" button and follow the steps.
  2. Upload a photo of your look.
  3. Give your look a Title, choose a title that explains the look well, this would help other when searching your look.
  4. Add YouTube URL to your look if you’ve made a Youtube Tutorial.
  5. Add a Description to your look, tell our community about your look, is it just for fun? A girl’s night out? A competition? A photoshoot?
  6. Tag your look with products used, if you can’t find a Brand be sure to suggest the brand to us.
  7. Once you’ve finished tagging products, tag your looks with categories tags, i.e. dramatic, natural, colourful smokey etc.
  8. Add your Blog Post/tutorial of your look if you have created one.
  9. Tag your look with details about the look. Ethnicity, skin type, eye color etc.
  10. You are finished
  11. Share your looks on FB and Twitter to get more likes.

How do I edit or delete a look?

  1. Click on your look you’d like to edit/delete, this will take you to that look page
  2. Click on Edit Look right under the image of your look to edit details or delete

What is Hot Looks page - I have lots of likes on my look, why is my look not on the HOT looks page?

Hot looks page features looks with the most "likes" that have been posted in the last 48 hours. From time to time we may change the window from 48 hours to shorter or longer depending on the volume of looks added but will do our best to keep this documentation up to date.

What is NEW looks page

NEW looks page features all looks posted by all users presented in a chronological order, with the most recently posted on top.

What is TOP looks page

TOP Looks are looks that has accumulated highest number of Likes from the community since it was posted . If you like a look be sure to show support by clicking the like button beside the look.

What is Following looks page

This pages features most recent looks from users that you follow, with the most recent look on top.

Why should I tag my look with categories and products

Tagging your looks with categories and products makes your look more visible, this helps other users find your looks when browsing.

Are there any rules regarding what I can post?

Please review our rules and guidelines here.

What is a QueenMakeupbee?

Among our amazing community of makeup lovers, unique members will be crowned QueenMakeupbees. It is one of the ways we give back to our awesome members by featuring their work and increasing their profile.

Some of the benefits of being a QueenMakeupbee:

  1. Makeupbee will feature their blog on our Facebook and Twitter pages by sending out a link to all of our fans and followers.
  2. Opportunities to receive deluxe cosmetic samples from us to review on Makeupbee
  3. Opportunities to participate in collaborations we may have with various Brands.
  4. We are developing our site to feature our QueenMakeupbee's blog

How do we choose our QueenMakeupbees?

We choose our QueenMakeupbees based on a combination of looks and community involvement:

  1. Number of makeup/nail looks you have posted on Makeupbee
  2. How complete the looks are:
    1. Products tagged
    2. Type of look tagged
    3. Blog tutorial or Video tutorial Videos attached to the looks
  3. Number of followers you currently have on Makeupbee
  4. How many likes and comments your looks receive from our Makeupbee community. Are any of your looks among the Top Looks?

Why do we have QueenMakeupbees?

  1. One of our goals at Makeupbee is to help Makeup lovers get discovered and connect with other individuals around the world that are interested in makeup. We believe this is one of the ways to achieve that.
  2. We would like to get to know you more and what your favorite beauty tricks/products are
  3. We want our users to help our Makeupbee "Hive" grow.
    • Maintaining continuous high quality makeup looks on Makeupbee will help attract more members to the hive.
    • More users in the Makeupbee community means more traffic to your Blog!

How do I control which emails I am getting?

To control which emails you receive sign into your account and then access your account settings page which you can get to by clicking the link in the account dropdown or by clicking here: Account Settings

I have two accounts, how do I fix this?

Some users have told us that they have ended up with two accounts by first signing up with email and then logging in with facebook later on. If your primary facebook account is not the same as the email you signed up with we will not be able to link the accounts. To fix this you should disconnect the facebook account that is linked to the wrong email by going to the account settings page and then you should sign in with the other email account and then facebook connect that account. That way you can sign in with facebook and the email with the same account.

How do I cancel my account?

We hope you will never want to cancel your account but we understand for various reasons you may wish to do so. To cancel you need to login to your account and then go to the cancel account page here: Cancel Account

What should I do in case of offensive feedback/comment/message?

  1. Notify and send the Community Manager a message on Makeupbee website. To find the community manager on the site, search Makeupbee Makeupbee with the search bar
  2. Email us at

Still have questions? Ask us. or